Request for PAC Contributions

 The 2021/2022 school year has been an exceptional year so far.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) has been unable to run many of our popular fundraising activities this year such as Canteen Hot Lunch.  As a result, we have had a significant fundraising shortfall this year.  Regardless, we continue to support many of our regular PAC-assisted programs which enhance your child’s learning experience at Walter Lee Elementary.    

We are reaching out to all families of students at Walter Lee Elementary and asking you to consider making a financial contribution to our school through the PAC.  We understand that this may be a difficult time for many in our community, so we greatly appreciate whatever contributions you may be able to afford.  

Every dollar raised will go directly to supporting our students.  This year, the PAC funded school wide performances, including Milton Randall Drumming, Tiny Island Musical performance, and Green Thumb Theatre. In addition, the PAC purchased iPad keyboards, adapters, outdoor sports equipment, and the purchase and installation of a new library projector.  As in previous years, the PAC also provided allotments for classroom supplies and other areas including sports, library, band, and resource funding, as well as many other essential items.  

Contributions to the PAC will be collected online only this year through the Richmond School District website at .  Please see below and second page of the attachment for detailed instructions on how to donate.  We appreciate any amount you can contribute.  

This fundraising campaign will continue until June 16th, 2022. All funds donated in response to this letter will be recognized at the end of year virtual assembly. 

The PAC welcomes and encourages all parents to get involved in whatever way you can throughout the school year.  For those parents who are unable to volunteer their time, a financial contribution is a great way to support our school.  Your contribution will help create the best possible learning environment and experience for all students.  If you have any questions about this campaign or how to get involved in the PAC, please email us at 

Thank you for supporting your children, Walter Lee Elementary, and the PAC!

**A Chinese translation of this notice is also attached below**

How to contribute online:   

Step 1: Go to .  On the home page, click on “Donate”. 

Step 2:  On the Donations page, click on “Make a donation”. 

Step 3:  Complete the details for your donation. Enter the amount of your donation.  Select “Lee Elementary” as the Fund Destination to ensure that your donation is received by our school. In the Message to School Board box, enter “PAC Donation” and your child/children’s name(s) and division(s). Click “Add to Cart”. 

Step 4:  You will be redirected to the SchoolCashOnline cart.  Please check that your donation amount is correct and that “Lee Elementary” is specified.  Edit if changes are required or click “Continue” when you are ready. 

Step 5:  Log in to your SchoolCashOnline account to complete payment.  Payment may be provided by credit card (VISA/Mastercard), eCheck or myWallet.


Updated: Tuesday, May 24, 2022