Building our Professional Development around SEL

Throughout this school year our staff have made a commitment to further develop foundational knowledge in Social Emotional Learning.  We have spent time learning and engaging in:

  1. circles practice, as a way to foster a classroom where every member of the classroom community is an equal member able to speak freely and also be heard.  This strengthens the bonds within the classroom.
  2. Learning about the CASEL Framework; this SEL resource provides more foundational knowledge for our staff to be able to support our students as they develop their own skills to self-regulate, build and maintain relationships with others and making responsible decisions.

Our future plans for staff pro-d is to work towards narrowing down our focus to a school-wide area of need.  This will be achieved through collecting data from observations, surveys from students, staff and parents.  We hope that strategic targeted school-wide support will bridge the gaps to gain proficiency in our students’ social emotional learning.

Updated: Wednesday, February 22, 2023