Bringing back school events and student-leadership mentoring

Walter Lee students and staff have enjoyed school-wide events and initiatives with the goal to promote Walter Lee as a great place to be.  We are using teaching and mentoring as a way to build capacity within our school to further SEL into our daily lives.

We are PAWsitive

Our “PAW’s” wall celebrates students’ actions based on:

P – Problem Solve

A – Accept Others

W – We not Me

S – Safety First

Messages about aspects around “PAWS” is commonplace at Lee.  Staff and students hear and see “PAWS“ in our morning announcements, at assemblies, during class instruction and during school-wide activities.  Students are recognized for exhibited extraordinary “PAWS” behaviour.

Re-igniting Student leadership:

Guiding our Grade 6/7 students through leadership opportunities has led to more regular school-wide activities around Lee School.  Each month, “Prides” activities assemble students from K-7 into pride teams; with our student leaders leading our younger students every pride team spend the afternoon completing an activity.  These cross-grade groupings allow our intermediate students to practice working with your primary students; our hope is that this helps them develop their confidence, empathy, patience as they become role models.

Our student leaders have organized regular spirit days that have raised the level of school spirit among our student population.

Updated: Wednesday, February 22, 2023