Resources for Students

Internet Use / Safety
Get Net Wise - a comprehensive web site that examines issue around internet safety and provides suggestions for minimizing the risks that children face online
Web Wise Kids - an animated tour that provides information on the dangers of the internet and how to make good choices when surfing the internet. Uses the 'Missing' video as part of their delivery of information.
SafeKids - tips, advice and suggestions for making your child's internet experience safe, fun and productive 

Research and Reference 
Richmond Public Library - search for or renew library books, link to various research web sites, or link to various community resources
Awesome Library - a comprehensive site of reference materials and information sources for all subject areas
Community Learning Network - a site put out by Open School BC that has information and activities for just about everyone
Internet Public Library For Kids - various sites, books, magazines and reference materials, all online, all for kids
Resource Room - a site that provides ideas, links and ways of helping students who learn differently or who have 'learning difficulties'

Search Engines for Kids
Safe Search Kids - a search engine for kids using the SafeSearch filter from Google
Ask Jeeves for Kids - just type in your questions and Jeeves will lead you to the answer.
KidsClick - a great web guide and search tool for kids developed by librarians.
Yahooligans - a kid friendly jump page for various topics related to school and personal interests
Library Spot - A free virtual library resource centre for educators and students.
Artcyclopedia - This is a fine arts search engine. Search by artist, title or museum.

Homework Recommended Websites
Fact Monster - A child friendly site that provides answers by curriculum areas.
Time for Kids - Keep up with current affairs around the world and at home.
Mr. Dowling's Site - Social Studies resources for students.
Fun Brain Educational Game Centre
Online Encyclopedias
Great Books Online
Fact Monster Almanac (Kids' InfoPlease) - Contains same entries as Columbia Encyclopedia but offers categories to simplify searching: biographies,
U.S. history, science, world history, etc.
Wikipedia - An interesting encyclopedia concept articles are written and edited by contributers from around the world. Articles can be accessed in numerous languages.
About - Equal parts encyclopedia, almanac, how to guide, etc.
Britannica - Provides small articles if you do not subscribe. At the bottom of the article is a link to a "student" entry.
Electric Library - This database accesses full-text from magazines, books, newspapers,and other sources. Username and password are needed for home use.
Altapedia Online - Contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world

Educational Sites
Quia - Activities, games, and resources in all subject areas
Fun Brain - Activities, games, and resources in all subject areas
Kids Psych - An interactive site for critical thinking and problem solving skills
ABC Teach - Broad range resource for lesson plans and activities

K - 2
Starfall - A "Learn-to-Read" website, animated, students can click on words to hear pronounciation
Story Place Pre-School Library - Numerous pre-school activities and stories
Primary Games - Education games for lower elementary
Billy Bear 4 Kids - educational games, puzzles, and activities for grades K - 2
Enchanted Learning - This site contains many interactive activities that are tied to themes for K- 3. It also provides teacher resources for projects & ideas to go with the themes.

Order of Operations - A two player game using the Order of Operations to place pieces on a board
Make a Graph - A website that enables students to make graphs and print them out.
Online Math Activities - Numerous elementary math activities can be found at this site.
Math Mavens Mysteries - On-line problem solving math activities with skills including: geometry, measurement, time, probability and more.
Illuminations - Ready-to-use, online, interactive, math lessons, also a links page to other math resources

Flash Cards - Select difficulty levels for all four operations and rounding
Multiplication - A site dedicated to learning multiplication facts. Contains lessons, interactive games, learning strategies, etc.

Measure It - Practice using a ruler in inches and centimeters
Clock - A large analog clock with hands that can be moved in 1, 5, 15, 30 or hour increments.
Identifying Time - Around the Clock - A short quiz followed by a clock face with movable hands
Smiley Clock - This is a quiz activity using 5 minute increments.

Pattern Blocks - Students can explore the shapes, attributes, symmetry, tessellations, fractions,etc., i.e., square, triangle, trapezoid, rhombus, and hexagon shapescan be rotated and fit together.
Kali - A drawing program based on mirror and rotational symmetry
Tangrams for Beginners - Simple tangram puzzles using outlines to guide the creation of designs
Fractals - This is a complete unit for beginners on these fascinating geometric figures.

Fraction Help for Parents and Students - This site contains a complete step-by-step tutorial on all aspects of fractions.
Learning About Fractions - A simple guide to fractions with activities included
Visual Fractions - Examples of fractions using number lines and pie charts, also drills and explanations

Change Maker - Practice making change at various levels of difficulty

Language Arts
Puzzlemaker - This is a Discovery Channel site that allows students and teachers to maketheir own crosswords, word searches, mazes and other games. Students can EASILY make their own puzzles, review, edit and print withinminutes.
Write Express - Online Rhyming Dictionary - A searchable rhyming dictionary
Rhyme Zone - A searchable rhyming dictionary, synonyms, antonyms and more
Lil Fingers - Online stories for beginning readers
The Learning Planet - Interactive games to support language arts
Jan Brett - For teachers and students, grades K-3. A monthly update of activities,books, tours about the author, etc. relating to Jan Brett.
Berenstain Bears Country - Grades K-2;  Visit the library, take in a movie, send an e-mail to the characters, or take a tour of the Bear's Tree House

Online Magazines
TIME for Kids
The Weekly Reader
Kids National Geographic
BrainPop - Fast downloading animated videos explaining topics in Health, Science,and Technology
Discovery Kids - Fun science games and activities.

ENature - A site developed by the National Wildlife Federation. The "Field Guide" section is an animal encyclopedia.
Animal Planet - Contains an animal encyclopedia in the "Animals A to Zoo" section.
Sea World - This section is an encyclopedia for sea animals
Birds - A bird encyclopedia developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
Bats 4 Kids - A website designed for children about a fascinating creature.
Natural History Notebooks - Fascinating facts about 246 animal species from the Canadian Museum of Nature
The San Diego Zoo - Many features about animal life
Secrets at Sea - Grades 4 to 8; An interactive online game for students to solve mysteries while uncovering facts about ocean life

Wetlands - Created by the Missouri Botanical Garden

Biomes of the World - Explanations of six major biomes, this site links to similar sites for marine and freshwater ecosystems
Mission: Biomes - A biome section of the "Earth Observatory" website created by NASA
Introduction to Biomes - Good data for young students about biomes

Plants and their Structure - A large site offering illustrations and pictures of the internal structures of plants
Great Plant Escape - Help Detective Le Plant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life.

All About Rainforests - Enchanted Learning's large Rainforest site designed for elementary students
Jungle Photos - Photos and data about Rainforests
ABCTeach - Rainforest - Information, pictures, and activities about the Rainforest
Rainforest Activities - Information, pictures, and activities about the Rainforest

Biology for Kids - This site discusses and illustrates the basics of biology and includes a large section on cells.
Cells Alive! - A large site containing illustrations, explanations, photos, and links all pertaining to cells.
Eureka Science - I Can Do That - Sections on about DNA, RNA, cells, protein and cloning.

Earth Science
Sea and Sky - An interesting site with data and pictures about the universe and our oceans
Welcome to the Planets - This is a collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program. - An online magazine devoted to Space - contains articles on current events, a large archive of pictures, and many departments
Astronomy for Kids - Information on planets, stars, the sun, and the universe, not very detailed but good for preliminary information
Ask Dr. Universe - Questions and answers on many topics
Magic School Bus Activity Lab - Grades K-3, activities and adventures with Miss Frizzle and her students

How Stuff Works - Hundreds of articles about how things work such as: gas engines, cellphones, computers, etc.
National Inventors Hall of Fame - Contains a large biography collection of American Inventors

Educational and Thinking Games
National Geographic Educational Games
Strategy Games - Play Battleship against the computer or Connect 4 against another person.
Hex-7 - Play the computer - build a path from one side of the board to the other.
Fwend - Lots of thinking activities - Fish Race in the GAMES section is a form of backgammon. - Excellent game site - click on FREE ONLINE GAMES on the menu to the right.

Golf Range - Try for a "hole-in-one" by exploring velocity, angle, and drag.

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