School Closure June 28, 2021

Please note that the all schools in Richmond School District is closed on Monday, June 28, 2021 due to the extreme temperature. The heat that we are experiencing is unprecedented and with this in mind, the district must put plans in place to ensure that the health and safety of our students remains our top priority.

The Heat Warning for Vancouver has been escalated to an Extreme Heat Alert with forecasted temperatures between 34 °C to 40 °C with high humidity - making the temperature we experience a few degrees warmer than this. This is an extraordinary, record-setting heat event for Vancouver. Please see the Vancouver Coastal Health Extreme Heat Alert at this website: Extreme Heat Alert - Vancouver Coastal Health (

As you may be aware, the great majority of our schools have no air conditioning systems and many do not have mechanical ventilation systems to move air inside the building. This means that temperatures inside the schools will very likely be as hot inside as they are outside. In the interests of the health and safety of our students and staff, the district therefore asks that parents/caregivers keep their children home on Monday, June 28. 

School staff will be onsite in the morning in order to ensure the safety of any students who do arrive. However, efforts will then be made by the schools to connect with families to pick up their children.


Updated: Thursday, October 14, 2021