Lee Lion Canteen

Our Canteen program for 2019-2020 is now closed.  Thank you for your support of our program.  We look forward to resuming our program again next fall.


Canteen Lunch 101

For families new or unfamiliar with our Canteen Lunch program, here are the basics of how it works.

Canteen runs most Thursdays at lunchtime (see schedule above).  Students are invited to purchase hot food items, beverages and snacks at school for lunch. All proceeds raised from Canteen go right back into the school.  The Walter Lee PAC uses these funds to provide or enhance many programs and resources for the students of Walter Lee.

The hot food items featured each week rotate between Fresh Slice pizza ($2 per slice), hot dogs ($1 each) and special pre-order lunches like Japanese or Subway (typically $4-$5 per item; notices for these are sent home with students ahead of time).  Canteen is a peanut-free environment and we ensure that both meat and vegetarian items are available for students at each Canteen.  We will try our best to accommodate any particular dietary needs.

In addition to hot items, a variety of snacks and beverages are also available for purchase. Typical items may include chips, or chocolate milk ($1 each), as well as rice krispie treats, fruit juice boxes, granola bars or fruit gummies ($0.50 each). Selection and availability of snack and beverage items may be subject to change occasionally.  

To promote more nutritious food choices at school, the following limits will apply to our Canteen program this year:

  • Total purchase of snack/drinks will be limited to $2 per student per Canteen.  Students may purchase up to two pizza slices or hot dogs.
  • “Sometimes” items will be limited to one per student per Canteen. 


Many tasty options are offered for snacks and drinks at Canteen.  Some are healthier food choices than others.  Take a moment to consider if you are making a good choice for your lunch.

“Sometimes” Snacks & Drinks

These typical Canteen snacks and drinks are tasty treats that should be enjoyed “sometimes” only.  They may be higher in fat, sodium or sugar than other options.  These items will be limited to one (1) per student per Canteen.

  • Fruit juice boxes, all flavours
  • Chips, all varieties
  • Rice Krispies treats
  • Pudding, all flavours
  • Chocolate milk


“Better” Snacks & Drinks

These typical Canteen snacks and drinks are delicious options that are “better” choices.  Consider choosing these items more often than “Sometimes” options.  Drinking water from the filtered water station is always a great healthy choice!

  • Chocolate chip granola bars
  • Roasted seaweed
  • Fruit gummies
  • Cheese strings
  • Gold Fish crackers
  • Yogurt tubes


Attention Parents!

Canteen provides an opportunity for all students from even the primary grades to experience buying and selecting their own lunch items. The Canteen is staffed by parent and intermediate student volunteers. Please be advised that although we may help direct students towards ordering suitable items and/or quantities, it is ultimately their decision what to order. Please discuss with your child what food items you expect them to purchase for lunch and whether or not you expect them to bring home change. For younger students, it can be helpful to send a note listing their food choices along with the money.

Please do not send large amounts of money to school for Canteen. Typically, on pizza or hot dog days, up to $5 will suffice for a hot item, drink and snack. It can be unsafe for students to bring large amounts of cash to school, and we often do not have sufficient change for large denomination bills ($5 bills maximum please!).

Go GREEN! Send a reusable plate to school with your child on Thursdays.

We’re looking forward to serving you your Canteen.  Enjoy your lunch!

Parent Volunteers Needed!

Our Canteen lunch program is run by Lee parent volunteers and we need you!  If you are interested and able to assist us, please come join us on any Canteen Thursday in the Art Room at 11:30 am. Lunch runs from 12:00 to 12:50 pm.  Parent volunteers are needed for set-up, lunch time and clean-up of Canteen, typically finishing by 1:30 pm.  There is no commitment required.  Come out for any single week or part day as your schedule allows.  We welcome all helping hands!

Contact Us

Please contact us if your child has any special dietary requirements. We wish for all students to have the opportunity to participate in Canteen. We’d also love to hear from any volunteers interested in helping out. Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to this year’s Canteen co-coordinators, Michelle Ferguson and Tina Leung.  Please email us at LeeElementaryPAC@gmail.com .

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