Burrito Preorder Canteen

On Thursday, March 7th, Canteen will be serving burritos from Taco Luis. Burritos offered will include beef, chicken or veggie plus lettuce and cheese wrapped in a 10" soft tortilla.  Students will also be able to preorder snack tickets for this Canteen.  $1 snack tickets (orange) can be used to purchase chips or chocolate milk, and $0.50 tickets (green) can be used to purchase smaller snacks such as granola bars, rice krispie squares and juice boxes. There is a $2 limit on total snack tickets per student.  Please note that NO EXTRA BURRITOS will be available for purchase on the day of Canteen.  Cash sales of extra snack tickets will still be available.  

Our preorder is now closed.  Thank you for your orders.  See you at Canteen!

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