Follow-Up Request For Contributions

Happy New Year and welcome back to school! We hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday and are ready for a great 2019 at Lee.

Last December, we sent you a request for financial contributions to your Parent Advisory Council (PAC). We have received a great response to our fundraising campaign! Thanks to your generosity, we have already raised more than $1400 as of the end of December.

Although we are well underway, we have not yet met our fundraising goal to raise $6000 for our school through this campaign. This term the PAC is funding a couple of special programs for our students. An upcoming arts residency by Milton Randall will allow students to develop their rhythmic skills during a drumming workshop. The Reader’s Choice program directed by our librarian, Ms. Zimmerman, will encourage students to read a diverse selection of books. In addition to these programs, the PAC continues to fund classroom, field trip, resource, administrative and other allotments. Your contributions are required to ensure that the PAC may continue to support our school in these many enriching ways.  For a sample of some of the items recently funded by the PAC, see the attached poster below.

If you have already made a contribution in response to our previous request, thank you for your generosity and please disregard the remainder of this letter.

If you have not yet made a contribution, please show your support by making a financial contribution to the PAC. Every dollar raised will go directly to supporting our students. We greatly appreciate any amount you can contribute. If you contribute at least $30 per student, your child will receive a complimentary Canteen voucher which can be redeemed for a pizza slice, juice box and small snack (or equivalent value of $3 for use at Canteen) as a thank you for your support. Tax receipts are also available for donations of $30 or more. If you contribute to this campaign at any time this school year, your child will be included in our prize draw at our Prowl-A-Thon event in May. This fundraising campaign will continue throughout the year until May 3rd, 2019.  To make a contribution, please complete the General Donation Form (attached below). Please submit your General Donation Form and payment to the black PAC mailbox located on the Gym Kitchen door.

The PAC welcomes and encourages all parents to get involved in whatever way you can throughout the school year. For those parents who are unable to volunteer their time, a financial contribution is a great way to support our school. Your contribution will help create the best possible learning environment and experience for all students. If you have any questions about this campaign or how to get involved in the PAC, please email us at .

Thank you for supporting your children, Walter Lee Elementary, and the PAC!

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