Our School Story

Our Story

Walter Lee Elementary was established in 1960.  The school is located in south central Richmond.  Our current student population is 290 students.  57% of the students are male and 43% female, with 0.6% of the population being Aboriginal.  Sixty-seven percent of the students are receiving support from the: Resource Team in either Learning Assistance/Resource or English as a Second Language instruction, or Speech and Language. Of the total student population, 52% are English Language Learners (ELL).  Sixty-three percent of the students have a home language other than English, Twenty-two different languages are spoken in the students’ homes.


The population of the school is quite stable with several families staying from kindergarten right through Grade 7.  Several of the staff has been at Walter Lee for many years, enabling them to be familiar with the community and having a history with many of our families. Given the relatively high ELL population, we work closely with our district settlement workers to maintain good communication.  On site, we have a Montessori Preschool, a daycare and an afterschool care, providing us with connections to the community as well as bringing a greater number of people into our building.  The Parent Advisory Council is dedicated to supporting student learning, staff development and community building.  PAWS – Lee’s social responsibility program developed in 2006-2007, under the guidance of the Area Counselling Team, continues to be a vibrant element of the school.  Student Leadership is an important component of our social responsibility initiatives. We have a strong student leadership group made up of Grade 6 and 7 students who have responsibilities around the school including classroom lunch monitors, morning announcers, office monitors, assembly leaders, and leaders of family teams (Prides).

Mission Statement

As a community of learners at Walter Lee, students, parents and staff work as a team to create a stimulating and caring environment.  Together, we acknowledge and support diversity and inclusion so that everyone feels safe, empowered and successful in our pursuit of lifelong learning.

                                                                           "Learning Empowers Everyone"

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