Proposed Boundary Changes

Proposed School Boundary Revision
Walter Lee Elementary - McRoberts Secondary - McNair Secondary
A school boundary revision is being proposed for McRoberts and McNair Secondary. Under this proposal, a portion of the McRoberts Secondary catchment area (see map below) will be moved to the McNair Secondary catchment area. All Walter Lee Elementary students will eventually become part of the McNair Secondary catchment area and will no longer be part of the McRoberts Secondary catchment area. The purpose of this school boundary revision is to remove the current Walter Lee Elementary split-feeder catchment.
If your child presently attends Walter Lee Elementary and you reside in the proposed move area, you will:
•    not be affected by the boundary revision,
•    have the choice to enrol your child at either McNair Secondary or McRoberts Secondary if they remain at Walter Lee Elementary,
•    have the choice to enrol any siblings that attend Walter Lee Elementary at McNair Secondary or McRoberts Secondary.
Who is affected?
As of September 2020, all new students living in the adjusted catchment area will attend McNair Secondary.
The proposed school boundary revision is north of Williams Road, east of No. 3 Road and west of Garden City Road
The Richmond School District welcomes feedback on the proposed school boundary revisions. If you have any comments, please respond by November 15, 2019 by completing the online feedback form at Written feedback can also be submitted to your school.
All comments will be considered prior to the Board of Education making a decision on the proposed
school boundary revisions on December 11, 2019.