Long Range Facilities Plan Public Consultation

The Richmond School District’s Public Board of Education gathered valuable information from the public during its consultation on school closures from June 2015 to October 2016. The feedback that was received during this consultation helped inform and guide many decisions that the District has made since the consultation closed. Now, in 2019, The Richmond School District is beginning the next phase of facilities planning and is looking for public input on the development of our Long Range Facilities Plan.

The fundamental premise of a Long Range Facilities Plan is to provide a mechanism for districts to demonstrate they are managing their facilities in an effective, economic and efficient way in support of their educational goals. The Long Range Facilities Plan places the need for capital projects in a district-wide context and becomes the basis for submission of capital project requests by the district and for investment decisions by the Ministry.

These are important considerations for the District and we hope that you will be involved in this process as it unfolds. We want to hear from you as we gather information to inform our decisions. We encourage you to visit our Long Range Facilities Plan Public Consultation website at:   www.letstalksd38.ca  and let us know "How Would You Like To Be Engaged" so that we can involve you in a meaningful way.

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