Snow Days - What to Expect

In anticipation of the potential snowfall on or before school days, we would like to outline what you can expect from us on a snow day. Snow days cause inconvenience for all of us.  Closing schools is a difficult decision for the school district – trying to weigh the safety of our students and staff traveling to and from school with the inconvenient repercussions for families who are forced to make alternate arrangements.  Due to the unpredictable nature of these events, we feel that it is important for us as a school and you as families to prepare for such occasions. To help assist families, we would like to outline what you can expect from us on a snow day.

The following things will happen:

  1. Schools will be OPEN unless conditions reach civic emergency proportions. Radio announcements will only announce those schools that are CLOSED.  Most of these will be private schools.  Listen to radio CKNW 980AM, NEWS 1130AM, CBC 690AM, 1470AM, CHQM 103.5FM or watch on television CBC, BCTV, City TV and CTV.   Please do not phone the school.  Staff will be too busy planning the day and ensuring students are safe and will not be able to answer the phone.
  2. It will not be a regular school day as many students and teachers may be absent.  We will ensure that the children are cared for and are safe. Many alternate activities may be planned so that students who are absent will not miss any work.
  3. Walter Lee School will remain open as regularly scheduled and in the event that we have to close early, students will not be sent home without contacting parents first.
  4. In the event of a school closure, there will be a scrolling message on the district website.  This can be found at


You have some choices:


  1. Students are not required to attend school on a snow day if you feel that their safety or your own safety may be at risk.  You may keep them home.
  2. Make plans in advance for what you and your family will do on a snow day.
  3. You may send your child / children to school knowing that they may be participating in alternate activities for the day.