Our Staff

School Administrators

Name Position
Mr. K. Elcombe Principal
Mr. A. Sala Vice-Principal


Name Staff Position
Mrs. K. Hunter Counselor
Ms. K. Matson Area Counsellor

Office Staff

Name Staff Position
Mrs. G. Imperial-Prasad Administrative Assistant
Mrs. S. Marinakis Senior Administrative Assistant

Support Staff

Name Staff Position
Mr. C. Babuin Custodian On-Call
Ms. J. Bailes Speech-Language Pathologist
Mrs. P. Banga Educational Assistant
Ms. M. Bharaj SWIS Worker
Ms. L. Chow Noon-Hour Supervisor
Mr. M. Chubak Educational Assistant
Mrs. S. Dholliwar Educational Assistant
Ms. S. Gasoi Vision Resource Teacher
Mr. D. Gold Noon-Hour Supervisor
Mrs. C. Harvey Resource
Mrs. F. Ho Resource
Mrs. C. Ip-Thomas Educational Assistant
Mr. M. Kumar Custodian
Ms. C. Kwong School Nurse
Ms. G. Letendre Educational Assistant
Mrs. M. Melanidis Educational Assistant
Mrs. M. Murtagh Noon-Hour Supervisor
Mr. T. O'Toole Hearing Resource Teacher
Mr. A. Romaniuk Custodian
Mrs. O. Simonenko Educational Assistant
Ms. D. Stevenson Resource
Ms. E. Thauberger Educational Psychologist
Ms. L. Weidman Resource
Mrs. W. Yurkovich Resource
Ms. R. Zimmerman Library, Resource

Year End Message and Back to School Information

June is a time for us to reflect and give thanks to the part that everyone has played during this third term as everyone has been impacted. We would like to thank our amazing PAC...

School Board Update - Long Term Facilities Plan

Date: April 23, 2020 Subject: Board Update - Long Range Facilities Plan At the April 22, 2020 public meeting of the Board of Education, the Board announced that at this time, it...

Feed-U-Cate - How you can help

What is the School District's Feed-U-Cate 38 Food Program and how can I donate to it. In these extraordinary times, the Richmond School District is doing its best to help keep...

Corona Virus School District Update

Dear Walter Lee families, Please read the Richmond School District update attached regarding the novel coronavirus. Thank you. Walter Lee Elementary  

Approved School Boundary Revisions

From October to December 2019, the Richmond School District's Board of Education consulted the public on 35 proposed school boundary revisions. Subsequent to the engagement...